Initiators’ proposal for rules of an honest debate culture in Debating Encyclopedia.


Don’t distort your opponent’s viewpoints. Don’t slander.


Defend those whose opinions are distorted and slandered. Otherwise, you will support violations against another person’s freedom of speech. Act to ensure that freedom of expression is truly equal to everyone.


Actively give credit to those who can admit their own mistakes.


Actively give credit to your opponent if s/he has earned it, either because of an exemplary debate culture, or if there is something right or worthwhile in his/her statements.


Avoid one-sidedness when evaluating opposing statements or opinions that differ from yours. Demand the same from others. Give credit to those who can.


Starting point: A human being is capable of truthfulness, but, as an individual and in his/her group behavior s/he is inclined to subjectivism, blind power play and irrationalism when his/her material or social psychological interests are at stake. It’s a good start for anyone to acknowledge that it is easier to see this in one’s opponent than in oneself.