The Program of the New History Association as a printed booklet and an e-book. It contains Part 1, 2 3 on these pages, as well as a presentation of Matti Puolakka’s lifework and of the Association. If you think our views are important, even only as questions, buying the Program pamphlet is one possible way to support our work. (The cover image is linked to Amazon.)

Part 3: Why do we need a new history?

The evolutionary phases of human history

”A Proposal for a New History of Humankind” is a book series we will publish soon. In it, the Puolakkaist philosophy of history is presented by going through the latest empirical research on both prehistory

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How to define society?

This article is an edited excerpt from the upcoming book “A Proposal for a New History of Humankind, Part 1: The Birth of the Human

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Matti Puolakka speeking.

Are we too self-confident?

Matti Puolakka speaking in New History Associations meeting in january 2018. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on reddit Share on

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