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These pages are published by the New History association (Finnish name: Uusi historia ry). The association was founded to support publishing, discussion and research based on the life’s work of the Finnish philosopher Matti Puolakka (1947–2018). The association believes that the significance of his philosophy for the development of disciplines that explore (pre)history, the history of philosophy and the survival strategies of the humankind will be epoch-making.

It is also the association’s mission to tell – in both scientific and artistic form – the story of how these ideas were born. This is the background for our demand that the injustices in recent history and the present-day Finland are rectified. We believe that this will only be possible once a Truth Commission is established in Finland.

The injustices suffered by Matti – and us as his friends and members of the association – are briefly described in the presentation of Matti’s life work in the chapter “A man who knew too much”.

Matti’s Will

In his will, Matti left the editing and publishing rights of his entire literary and audio-visual heritage to our association and instructed to set up a foundation to manage the publication of his life’s work as soon as is it economically possible.

The Human Path Debating Encyclopedia (DE)

Matti considered the concept of the Human Path Debating Encyclopedia and the Truth Forum to be a culmination of his life’s work and its most important practical application. He hoped that the DE’s interface could be coded in time so that he could publish his views in it, but it wasn’t possible at the time.

The association is the initiator of the DE project. We are now looking for funding for web design and coding of the DE. We will launch a crowdfunding campaign for it – hopefully in the autumn of 2020.

Research Centre

The highest practical dream we have shared with Matti is a research centre to be run jointly with e.g. universities and cultural organisations in different countries, following the principles of DE in its discussion and research. Such an international centre would combine scientific and artistic creativity with start-up entrepreneurship, vacationing and leisure.

Establishing the research centre is an important part of our plans for the future.

A seminar organised by the association during the 2019 meeting of the Finnish Social Forum. PHOTO © Uusi historia ry.


We publish a website in Finnish (humanpath.net) that introduces the idea of the Debating Encyclopedia and the Puolakkaist philosophy of history. We have also published a book on the EU’s legality crisis and the essence of the era, as well as a collection of poems by one of our members.

Our intention is to publish a series of books that will delve deeper into the basic phases of human history. You can read a summary here: 2.5 million years in a nutshell.

We are working on the next book, which is about the development of Matti’s view and definition of human nature – from the early 1970s to the present.

Our publications will be gradually released in English. In addition, Matti’s speeches on video and introductions by members of the association will be published with English subtitles.

Painting by Inari Heinonen: A philosophical promenade in central Finland, year 1979. PHOTO © Uusi historia ry

A New Literary Genre?

A very important part of the Puolakkaist philosophy is the idea of fiction that combines science and art: non-moralising reflections of one’s own life experiences through a scientific definition of human nature. We believe that this could become a new genre in literature.

Many members of our association have been involved in ideologico-political movements and scientific research projects led by Matti since the 1970s and 1980s. Together we are working on his biography. We are also writing our own memoirs.

We encourage our members to artistic self-expression and will publish more poetry collections, music, art and memoirs in the future.

Our activities include physical (or psycho-physical) exercise, for ex qigong, youga, pilates – as well as philosophical discussions about the different routines. PHOTO © Uusi historia ry


So far, we have been very active in a small scale. Our research groups focus not only on philosophical topics, but also on recent Finnish history, the development of the EU, world historical trends in global politics and cultural history.

We have organised public events at the annual meetings of the Finnish Social Forum in Helsinki. For now, the most important thing for us is to make the life’s work of Matti known internationally.


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Research group on Finnish history on a summer trip to Suomenlinna, where after the 1918 uprising there was a prison camp.

PHOTO © Uusi historia ry

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