Debating Encyclopedia (DE) is a proposal to build a social media site for debates, discussions and studies as well as networking and building business opportunities for all those, who want to take the threat to human existence seriously.


Why do we need a new kind of social media platform? Humankind is at risk of self-destruction. The climate disaster is the most apparent threat caused by humans, ... Read more

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User Interface

In the following, we explain what kind of user interface is needed to build a social media platform suitable for Debating Encyclopedia. Library The Debating Encyclopedia encourages users to ... Read more

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The Debating Encyclopedia may gradually become a nationwide/international organisation. This is, of course, a long-term vision – just a few random notes below. Fundamental Principle The organisation of the Debating Encyclopedia is intended for democratic states, which generally ... Read more

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Rules for an Honest Debate Culture

Initiators' proposal for rules of an honest debate culture in Debating Encyclopedia. 1 Don't distort your opponent's viewpoints. Don’t slander. 2Defend those whose opinions are distorted and slandered. Otherwise, you will support violations against another ... Read more

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