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2.5 million years in a nutshell

The following is a preliminary summary of a series of books to be published in the 2020s, based on Matti Puolakka's historical-philosophical view. How “the spirit of laws" created ... Read more

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Past Era Truth Forum

History does not begin with us. The most important new ideas in the history of philosophy have always been created by refuting the fundamental views of the greatest thinkers of the previous generations ... Read more

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Why do we need a new kind of social media platform? Humankind is at risk of self-destruction. The climate disaster is the most apparent threat caused by humans, ... Read more

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Political Truth Forum

The Political Truth Forum assesses the most important events and the ideologico-political debates in recent history from an ethical standpoint. Who or which movements in recent history have gone against the current ... Read more

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User Interface

In the following, we explain what kind of user interface is needed to build a social media platform suitable for Debating Encyclopedia. Library The Debating Encyclopedia encourages users to ... Read more

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