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The concept of the survival of humankind can be summed up in one of Hegel’s theses: “The truth is the whole.”

States and parties holding the fate of humankind in their hands do not “seek the truth” in the Hegelian sense. Parties promote the benefits of their interest groups, and states their interests against other states. That is the justification and reason for their existence. They do not try, nor can they try, to defend the general good of humanity, to seek the “whole truth”.

Thus, disputes between states and political controversies between parties and politicians are fundamentally irrational, even when they rationally pursue the interests of their interest group. Sometimes that interest may also reflect the benefit of all humanity, but it is the exception rather than the rule.

In this sense, traditional non-governmental organisations do not seek the “whole truth” either. They are always “single-issue organisations”, even when they have multiple goals. As such, also non-governmental organisations are ”interest groups”.

The Truth Forum is a civic university in the sense that discussion and study – that is, the search for truth – is an end in itself in it. It differs from current universities in that it tackles the most pressing topics of the time, the topics that the most incite ideological and political passions.

The format of the Debate Encyclopedia guarantees a civilised, democratic and fair form for the discussion.

Debates in the Truth Forum help in creating enlightened public opinion, which pressures states, parties and international organisations to follow the laws and treaties and to make decisions that benefit the general good of humanity.

The forum is divided into three overlapping main themes.


Ancient Greece was the birthplace of philosophy – philosophy means love of wisdom. A view of the Ancient Agora from the entrance of the Acropolis.

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