The idea of history and Zuckerberg’s manifesto

Some comments to the view of history represented by Mark Zuckerberg in his “Manifesto”, published originally in 2017. (

“His view of history can be summed up in the following sentence: Humankind has progressed. Things are getting better and better.”

We think that the crucial question of our time is the following: Will the human species destroy itself? Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t ask that question.

Main theme however in this video is the following: What is the idea of history?

Matti suggests that the idea of history is to explain what is the basic difference between man and animal. It will become clear when the concept of “ethical intelligence” (or intelligence based on sense of justice) enters public awareness. He mentions two books that have been much debated: “Emotional Intelligence” and “Social Intelligence” by Daniel Coleman. They have taken the psychological debate forward, but we think that they have not reached the heart of the matter yet.

Stories created humans. The spirit of law created humans, says Matti here and argues that both sentences are valid. People consciously create their history. They create it by discussing customs, rites, myths – or laws, and changing them through that discussion.

But “the truth is in its entirety,” as Hegel said. The rule of law forces us to take opposing views into account. Whether in a tribal assembly, a court session or a televised election debate, we must listen to opposing views. Only such a debate is rational.

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