The Truth Forum is a proposal of the initiators of the DE. We intend to publish it in the DE once it is operating.

Past Era Truth Forum

History does not begin with us. The most important new ideas in the history of philosophy have always been created by refuting the fundamental views of the greatest thinkers of the previous generations ... Read more

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Political Truth Forum

The Political Truth Forum assesses the most important events and the ideologico-political debates in recent history from an ethical standpoint. Who or which movements in recent history have gone against the current ... Read more

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Juridical Truth Forum

The role of the Juridical Truth Forum is to bring to light the illegalities of governments, decision-makers and officials which have become or are about to become a custom in the ... Read more

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Literary Truth Forum

The Literary Truth Forum discusses human nature from the perspective of historical philosophy, moral philosophy, and literature. How has human nature been formed historically (and prehistorically)? Are human beings good or evil? What ... Read more

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