Why Do We Need a New History?

What is a human being? How do humans differ from animals? Why do only humans have a history? Can we learn from history? What is the cause of humanity’s tendency to self-destruction?

Nowadays these questions are set in a new way. No traditional line of thought has been able to summarize, in a satisfactory way, the surprising events of the past era or the new discoveries in sciences studying prehistory and human origins.

“Know Yourself!” According to Linné and Hegel, the appeal of the oracle of Delfoi and the wise men of ancient Greek is intended not only for the human individual but for all humanity.

We are living in a time of human unification. Humankind must study to learn from its own history, unite as a species by its self-knowledge, or it will destroy itself.

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Vincent van Gogh Starry Night 1889. Image is cropped. PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons.

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About Matti Puolakka’s Lifework

We are experiencing the greatest upheaval in human history. The 2.5-million-year journey of the Homo family is coming to an end. Either humanity begins a new phase in its history, or ... Read more

Human Path Debating Encyclopedia

Debating Encyclopedia (DE) is a proposal to build a social media site for debates, discussions and studies as well as networking and building business opportunities for all those who want to take the threat to human existence seriously.


Why do we need a new kind of social media platform? Humankind is at risk of self-destruction. The climate disaster is the most apparent threat caused by humans, but not the only one. Immediate action is needed to combat the climate disaster. However, this alone is not ... Read more

The DE in a Nutshell

For the first time in history it is possible – and imperative – to unite globally, in a same forum, all people representing the whole sphere of various (legitimate) world views.
The DE, as an organisation, does not have any political agenda and it does take no stand on issues of opinion, except to defend freedom of opinion, the rule of law and an honest debate culture.
In the DE, objectivity will be strived for by publishing as many views as there are on each keyword/topic. Users are encouraged to express their views as distinctly and sharply as possible.
The aim is not to reach consensus, but to clarify disagreements, and to enable participants to recognize the different interests, attitudes and prejudices that may affect their opinions and those of others. This helps them to form their own worldview in the most independent, measured and righteous way possible.

An honest debate culture must be rewarded materially. One must get “a fee” for truthfulness, sense of justice and solidarity.

Truth Forum

The Truth Forum is a proposal of the initiators of the Debating Encyclopedia (DE). We intend to publish it in the DE once it is operating.

Truth Forum: a New Kind of Civic Movement

December 2nd, 2019|0 Comments

The Truth Forum is a proposal of the initiators of the Debating Encyclopedia (DE). We intend to publish it in the DE once it is operating. The concept of the survival of humankind can be summed up in one of Hegel's theses: “The truth is the whole.” States and parties holding the fate of humankind in their hands ... Read more

Truth Forum in a Nutshell

States promote their own interests against other states. Political parties must take in account the wishes of their own interest groups. However, humanity’s existence is at stake. Short-sighted interests call for solutions that are fatal to the overall good of humankind.

Truth Forum debates follow the DE-principles. The aim is not to reach a consensus, but rather to help citizens to learn to form their opinions and worldviews as carefully as possible. It is the most democratic way to seek the truth of our time.

Epoch-making ideas have never been created from scratch. A serious debate on the state of the world is only possible if it is based on a critical and multifaceted evaluation of the ideas of the past era.
The aim of the Truth Forum is to help create an enlightened public opinion that can put pressure on politicians to make decisions which promote sustainable development.
By their very nature, states tend to water down the injustices of their recent history and break their own laws. We propose a permanent Truth and Reconciliation Commission to be established in all Democratic States, as well as a Citizens Truth Commission Forum alongside it.