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The Political Truth Forum assesses the most important events and the ideologico-political debates in recent history from an ethical standpoint.

Who or which movements in recent history have gone against the current and criticised politics that subsequently turned out to be wrong? Who have been able to predict future developments correctly? Who have been self-critical and defended the rights of those with opposing views – and who have suffered because of their views and opinions?

What kind of recognition – apologies, financial compensation – should the state grant to such persons and organisations?

Even the most democratic states are rarely able to admit their wrongdoings and apologise to those who have been wronged – and even then, it usually happens after many decades.

When debating opinions relating to current politics, the ethical nature of the debaters is generally not at the forefront. But when it comes to the most intense ideological debates and major events in recent history, the question is not just about who was ethical at the time. The discussion is primarily about who at the moment wants to acknowledge and compensate for injustices in recent history, and who wants to water down or belittle them, or to counter the debate in one way or another.

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights chalked on University’s steps.

PHOTO: University of Essex, Flickr, (CC BY 2.0)