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History does not begin with us. The most important new ideas in the history of philosophy have always been created by refuting the fundamental views of the greatest thinkers of the previous generations while retaining their essence in a new form.

How to look for the “truth” about the past era? – We need to look at the opposing ideas that have most influenced the development of the era and find what principles have endured and distinguish them from what has expired and what is wrong. Which of the current problems are entirely new and cannot be answered by any of the past ideas? Such an analysis is essential when we start to build a new global view.

Different schools of philosophy give a different meaning to the concept of the past era. The period covered by the concept also varies between schools. – Such differences of opinion are part of the debate in the forum.

We refer to the period in which the worldviews of current ideologico-political trends, movements and parties were formed.

We are looking for an answer to the question “how did we get here?” – For example, what was essential in the birth of capitalism? Why has it become the dominant economic system? What are the different stages in the development of capitalism? What caused the rise and fall of socialism in the last century? How have the predictions of the past era about the future development of humanity turned out?

The Past Era Truth Forum is philosophical in nature. It builds a bridge between learning from history and political influence.

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A Female Red Guard during the Finnish Civil War in 1918. It took almost a century before the nation could study and discuss this traumatic event in a civilised and conciliatory way.

PHOTO: Unknown. Public Domain