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In today’s world, it is increasingly important for companies to build an ethical image. A forum that is open to all currents of thought and defends democracy, freedom of expression and the rule of law, is a particularly suitable target for sponsorship and advertising.

User loyalty created by meaningful conversations is a great asset, especially with advertising revenue in mind. In its simplest form it is an invitation: ”Since you shop online anyway, do it through our website.”

In principle, all online business is suitable for this project, starting with the ads displayed on the pages.

The following lines of business are organically relevant:

  • Hotels, resorts, cafés, pubs and restaurants that organise debates according to the principles of the project within their normal operations.
  • Publishing, in particular textbooks for different levels of education – these could be debate anthologies on various topics collected from the encyclopedia database.
  • Online studies.

In an ideological, honest debate, it is possible to create contacts and relationships where people can trust each other. It is social capital which is a safe foundation for building any business, both online and in local sections. The exchange of various jobs and services, buy and sell forums, etc., are particularly suitable.

An Opportunity for the Users to Earn

The Debating Encyclopedia also aims to provide its members with opportunities to improve their financial status.

Users are allowed to keep the advertising revenue created through their personal pages. It means that a user who appropriately advocates some view s/he considers essential or moderates the discussion skilfully may earn well. This opportunity is available as well to non-writers as to professional journalists.

The most important principle in the business operations is that an honest debate culture must be rewarded also financially. Based on this general principle, different ways of implementation can be developed. For example: By clicking a rose button, the reader will donate the author a sum (e.g. 5 cents, euro, 10 euros or a larger, optional amount) because (s)he appreciates the author’s writing. Such buttons are available in every statement of every user.

At a later stage, once an organisation is established for the DE project, it will also be possible to reward meritorious debaters jointly.

For the first time in history it is possible – and imperative – to unite globally, in a same forum, all people representing the whole sphere of various (legitimate) world views.
The DE, as an organisation, does not have any political agenda and it does take no stand on issues of opinion, except to defend freedom of opinion, the rule of law and an honest debate culture.
In the DE, objectivity will be strived for by publishing as many views as there are on each keyword/topic. Users are encouraged to express their views as distinctly and sharply as possible.
The aim is not to reach consensus, but to clarify disagreements, and to enable participants to recognize the different interests, attitudes and prejudices that may affect their opinions and those of others. This helps them to form their own worldview in the most independent, measured and righteous way possible.

An honest debate culture must be rewarded materially. One must get “a fee” for truthfulness, sense of justice and solidarity.


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