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  • "The Wealth of the Nation" by Seymour Fogel.

Capitalism and Socialism – is a synthesis possible?

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Humanity can only survive if it builds its future on the lessons from its history. – There is something to be learned from all the long-lasting and widespread models of society in the prehistory and history of humanity. – This is also the case with social systems that are considered opposites, such as socialism and capitalism. Index “Capitalism” and the inviolability of private property rights The socialist principle of distribution and absolute selflessness Synthesis: wages for the sense of justice IMAGES “Capitalism” and the inviolability of private property rights There are many forms of ... Read more

  • African Savanna

How “the spirit of laws” created society and modern humans

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The following is a preliminary summary of a series of books to be published in the 2020s, based on Matti Puolakka's historical-philosophical view. Humans have history, animals do not. The history of the human genus is an organic whole; a development from moral to political evolution, and from political to ethical evolution. Alongside the biological family tree, “a philosophical family tree of the human genus” needs to be drawn. Alongside, and as a continuation of, the biological theory of evolution, an evolutionary theory of human societal development is needed. It is built on ... Read more

How to Save Democracy in EU Countries? What about Humanity?

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The Crucial Question of our Time Humanity is at risk of self-destruction. The threat of an environmental disaster is the most obvious manifestation. The second is wars, and nuclear weapons in particular. The third is the growing global inequality. In spite of all its progress, humankind is increasingly self-destructive, and increasingly irrational. Immediate action to combat an environmental disaster is necessary, but not enough in itself. Every educated and responsible citizen must ask themselves: what is the cause of humanity's self-destructivity? That's the crucial question of our time. This question is a challenge for all enlightened and responsible ... Read more

For freedom of opinion – against political lies!

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Freedom of opinion and expression is the most important human right. Access to diverse information is an essential part of it. [1] A person who repeatedly distorts the opinions of others or defames them personally for political reasons is not exercising the freedom of speech. S/he is, in fact, assuming the powers of a censorship authority. It is a human rights violation – not only of the rights of the target of the distortion and defamation but also of other citizens. S/he restricts access to possibly important information. [2] It is not just defamation – in our opinion, it ... Read more

About Matti Puolakka’s Lifework

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We are experiencing the greatest upheaval in human history. The 2.5-million-year journey of the Homo family is coming to an end. Either humanity begins a new phase in its history, or it will perish. The threat of climate disaster is the most obvious example of this. The Finnish philosopher Matti Puolakka (1947–2018) took it upon himself to summarise the human journey and to show a way forward towards a global society – a way based on current, empirically observable phenomena. The philosophical universal history created by Puolakka, a unifying view of prehistory and history, is based ... Read more